Revolutionizing anomaly detection.

MotionSeeker is a group of dedicated developers that are producing world leading AI video security and event detection. MotionSeeker tailors an AI video solution that will meet your technology business and your client’s requirements for complete coverage, early threat detection and improved security measures. MotionSeeker’s vision is to ensure you get the right product that meets your needs. Packaged as a flexible white labeled solution, it’s no wonder that MotionSeeker is one of the most sought out video security developing team on the market.

What we offer? Let’s check it out.


MotionSeeker's white labeled video system is optimized to the highest standard and is also designed to minimize network load. This allows network systems to run as normal without interference.


Event detection

MotionSeeker's event detection white labeled system allows organizations to have complete control over capturing threatening incidents. Furthermore, incidents that are happening in real-time will also be captured. This will allow your business to address immediate security issues and get back to your daily business routines smoothly.


Lightweight and flexibility

MotionSeeker's flexible framework allows for multiple video streams to be run on minimum hardware. With more hardware, the number of video streams multiplies. This allows organizations to have full coverage of an area whilst maintaining top-quality threat detection and business security.


VMS Integration

MotionSeeker's video AI products are compatible with multiple VMS platforms.



MotionSeeker products do not look at personal attributes of an individual, rather their actions when analyzing video footage.


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